Green NW’s one time cleaning services are available to you for all the times that call for a clean, refreshed home. There are so many occasions where this on-demand service can really save the day, and save you stress, hard work, and precious time. Everyone deserves someone they can count on and that is our promise to you.

We are here to accommodate all types of one time cleaning needs. You may require us on short notice, early in the morning, or late in the evening. However we can serve you best, it is our pleasure to jump in when you need us most.


There is no feeling quite like coming into your home once it has been restored to it’s best condition and attended to down to the details. Paired with exceptional customer service and dedication to healthy, green cleaning practices, one time cleaning services with Green NW are a choice you will be happy you made.

Common occasions that call for a one-time clean include:

  • Spring cleaning after months or years without professional attention.
  • Deep cleaning an empty home when moving in or out.
  • Preparing your home for a party or houseguests.
  • …Or cleaning up after everyone leaves.
  • Getting ready to bring home a new baby.
  • To give someone the thoughtful gift of a beautiful, clean home!

Most occasions fall into one of our three main one-time cleaning categories, as described below. Keep in mind though that each and every cleaning from Green NW can be fully customized to meet your specific needs!



Our classic deep cleaning is designed to bring a fully functioning household up to its very top shape. This means attention is paid to every square inch, literally, from furniture and appliances, to fixtures and switches, to floors and far off corners. The job here is to dust, scrub, cleanse and make shiny every surface of the house, and that means really putting our weight into it. This is where our detail-oriented nature gets maximized. Even grime that goes back years is no match for the Green NW deep clean treatment.


A moving clean is much like a deep clean but without furniture to distract the eye, every effort is devoted to the home itself. Walls, doors, floors, even ceilings get the most elbow grease they may have ever seen. The feeling of coming into a house after this type of clean is like walking into a completely blank slate, ready for everything that is to come, without a trace of what was there before. We love the move and out cleans because it really allows our dedication to the highest quality of clean shine through.


We came up with the spruce up one time cleaning option as a lighter weight cousin of the traditional deep clean. This on demand service can come in handy when your home is in generally clean condition but can just use a little refresher, often for the ascetic appeal and comfort of guests. More akin to a recurring cleaning level of service, this is an on demand option that saves you money and will take less time, while still bringing that fresh, comforting feel of a newly cleaned home.

You can find more details about what goes into a cleaning by checking out our cleaning checklists

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