Green House Cleaning Done Right

For some, home cleaning service is something you call upon when you need it and as long as the job gets done, it is satisfactory. For many others selecting a professional cleaner is a choice made carefully. You will want to know that the quality of their work is great and consistent. That you will always receive exceptional customer service and a positive attitude. Of course reliability and trustworthiness are a definite must. You may also value an especially healthy and green house cleaning approach and perhaps desire good flexibility if you are busy. As a customer seeking a professional, in-home service, you should expect nothing less than each of these qualities.

We at Green NW understand these factors are extremely important for a good experience and have chosen from the very beginning to stand among the very top in our industry. Whether you need us for a one time clean, or on a regular cleaning basis, you will never receive any less than our best.

What it Means to Clean Green

Many of us are proud to take steps toward living a “greener” life. This may mean reducing waste, lowering our carbon footprint, reusing and upcycling, investing in sustainable products, shopping locally or any of a myriad other practices that help to preserve our one and only Earth. What is so beautiful about green practices is that they often have collateral benefits! One of these has to do with the products we use in everyday life and bring into our home. If a substance or chemical is bad for the environment it is almost certainly bad for a person, and vice versa. So when we focus on using simple green cleaning techniques we contribute substantially to the health of your personal home environment and all who live within it. The mission of Green NW Cleaning is to have a direct positive impact on those we serve, protecting them not only from dirt and grime, but the unnecessary and toxic chemicals that are so pervasive in the conventional “cleaning” industry. “Cleaning” because replacing dirt with a man-made toxin defies the definition of clean – unsoiled, unadulterated, wholesome. True green cleaning has more to do with purifying and clarifying than with brightly colored advertising promising blinding shininess and strong fragrances. Believe me, your home will shine with all its natural beauty when we are done with it!

How We Do Green House Cleaning

Ok, we’ve talked up the positive impact of green house cleaning, now let’s put our money where our mouth is. Just how green are we? We use just a few household ingredients to get every inch of a home clean of dust and grime, free of streaks and spots, and looking as if it was new again. Baking soda, vinegar, natural dish soap, H2O and Dr. Bronners castile soap. Knowing how to combine these and where to utilize them allows us to use these very natural, very sustainable and very safe ingredients to tackle just about every job and every surface in a home. They are safe for even the most sensitive bodies, allergen free, and can do no damage to your floors, fixtures and furnishings. We also ensure the minimization of allergens by using 4 stage HEPA filtration in our vacuums, which we use even on hard floors so that sweeping does not stir up dust into the air. Microfiber cloths for dusting and artificial fragrance-less cleaners also limit allergies and nose tickles. Oh, and don’t worry about coming home to a house smelling of vinegar. It’s dilution in water eliminates any odor. You can expect to enter your home after our cleaning and breathe in nothing but honest to goodness fresh air.


Our first and most important responsibility is to our clients. We are here to provide the highest quality service in the industry and that means exceptional cleaning, outstanding customer service and standing by every promise we make. Our work is guaranteed to satisfy. That means if your are unhappy in any way we will put all our effort into making it right. We care about your household, your health and your happiness.

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